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WBK-200 Automatic film strapping machine

WBK-200 Automatic film strapping machine

WBK-200 Automatic film strapping machine









Product Features :


Sealing and cutting machine adopts advanced heat sealing and heat cutting technology, sealing quality is stable, sealing cutter has long life.

The conveyor adopts electronic speed-regulating motor, which can ensure the speed match with the cartoning machine.
Seal cutter adopts a unique shape for welding, Seal cutting institutions use the latest technological innovation, without high-temperature tape, saving more supplies than other manufacturers, and sealing more stable and stable. (Calculated in accordance with 150 yuan per roll of high-temperature tape, Each shift takes one roll per week, Each device can save 5000-7500 yuan a year.)

Heating pipe is high-temperature stainless steel pipe, with good insulation properties and durable.

Equipment uses stainless steel, PLC control, to achieve the whole process automation.

Push the cylinder is used with hidden structure. The superposition part uses the screw adjustment, Tied tight section increase the upp.


Scope of Application:


This product is suitable for multi-box automatic feeding, palletizing, pushing, strapping, counting.


The main technical parameters: