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WBZW Reciprocating packaging machine

WBZW Reciprocating packaging machine

WBZW Reciprocating packaging machine






Product Features:

WBZW-type reciprocating packaging machine is a cutting structural equipment at the same time transversely sealer is in elliptical motion in the vertical and horizontal direction. The sealer has box-shaped trajectory. It move in the the horizontal direction when the packaging film is heated and pressurized, so it has a long heating time and high thermal efficiency in the time of sealing, which can improve the reliability and tightness of sealing, have compact packaging, and ensure its better and more beautiful sealing effect.


Scope of Application:

Reciprocating packaging machine is widely used to package all kinds of regular objects from foods, medicine, household chemicals and other industries, especially products with more compact packaging bag, thicker packaging films and higher sealing requirements. The machine is at leading level in the packaging industry, widely used in high-end customers.


The main technical parameters: