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WBZW-G Drug plate packaging machine

WBZW-G Drug plate packaging machine

WBZW-G Drug plate packaging machine











Product Features:


According to different products to achieve docking with the production line, the less material automatic feeding, feeding more automatic nesting, and automatic counting.

Adoptting advanced PLC and servo motor control technology make it easy function adjusting and technological upgrading.
Tracking mode: two-way track. the correction is completed within the range of three packaging bag, when adjust packing paper or packaging appear some problems under normal circumstances. Packaging machines has two operation modes of "single-action" and "interaction".

Automatic feeding device is made of stainless steel and controled by servo motor. Number of drug can be controlled at the touch screen panel, it has cylinder rising device if appearing the phenomenon of nipping the material, which is more compact and reliable.

Horizontal sealing device seal perfectly, without sticking knife and wasting film,  long service life, easy to clean. Transverse seal cutter is manuf.


Scope of Application:


Applicable to single board and multi-board packaging of capsule and tablet by blister plate from the pharmaceutical industry, can be equipped with automatic splice the film device and automatic castting device.


The main technical parameters: